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Technical Details

Simulation of concrete wall penetration by microwaves, right, shows signal reduction of about 20 dB. The near-field coupled RF is confined, therefore providing privacy.
Microwatt signal levels are sufficient for low BERs.
With this capability, the Wall Coupler can be used also as a relay in wireless networks, as WiFi and WiMax, to overcome signal attenuation by walls and ceilings, see publication by G. Knapp, referenced below.

Contact Information

We have been producing  prototypes in limited quantities for our own use.
Presently, we are interested in licensing this patented technology  and invite interested parties to write us.


   Wallbridge Systems
           P.O. Box 275
Atkinson, NH 03811-0275

For additional information, including the use of wall couplers for WiFi and WiMax networks, please go to
If a pdf file reader is not available go to which gives you page 2 of the publication "Microwave Coupler Feeds Outdoor Antenna Through Walls". For page 1 go to ...0001.htm, and for page 3 go to ...0003.htm.